Facebook as the Media

An interesting trend has started to happen with Facebook lately – Media events are turning into Facebook groups!

Sure everyone friended Chesley Sullenberger after he successfully landed his US Airplane in the Hudson or friended Michael Phelps after he (fill in the blank)

But 2 media worthy events – this week – have both turned into Facebook groups

1) Facebook’s new Terms of Service (TOS) which prompted a Anti TOS group to show up
2) But the more curious one was Lance Armstrong’s bike being stolen prompted a group to help him recover his bike (see photo)

It’s an interesting use of Facebook groups which traditionally have been an underused part of Facebook now that Fan pages have become so popular. With groups you can join up to 200 so long as they are open, global or in your network.

The most important part of groups on Facebook is the Discussion Board – it’s what makes a group a group and why many are not that well attended since the owners don’t keep the conversation going. Perhaps we have seen a whole new use of groups starting to emerge for Topical Media issues.

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