Facebook Marketing Success Stories for Businesses

Facebook says its membership stands at 55 million active users worldwide and it hosts more than 100,000 pages for businesses. So as marketers, many of us are looking to find a repeatable formula to use on Facebook.

But it is still too early. For now, we need to read the tea leaves of early adopters. Here are a few examples of success stories with Facebook that show a business impact:

  • Bryce Gruber is the 23-year-old owner of IntenCity Global, a five-person marketing and public-relations firm in New York. She says Facebook works well for her and has brought tangible results. She recently drew more than 300 people to an opening party for a clothing store that she expected would only attract 150 to 200. And the people who learned of the party through Facebook bought several thousand dollars in merchandise. Her approach is to post information and reminders about her events regularly, and upload plenty of party pictures afterward. Each day, she gets 20 to 30 messages on her Wall and keeps that going with quick replies. The effort means she shows up often in her Facebook friends’ news feeds, where people are notified of their friend’s activities on Facebook.
  • On the company page of Rootsgear’s, which designs T-shirts with political and social messages, people can look at the firm’s designs and see a calendar of upcoming events. The company stokes its group membership of about 1,400 by every few months sending out invitations to join to new Facebook friends collected by cofounder Sunmit Singh. Mr. Singh says the Facebook page drives more traffic to Rootsgear’s e-commerce site than Google’s search engine or MySpace, another social-networking site where it has a presence. And Facebook has helped the year-old company’s sales.
  • The company page on Facebook of Junnoon, an Indian restaurant in Palo Alto, Calif., includes basic information such as address, hours, prices, photos and coming events, as well as reviews from local newspapers and Zagat. By opting to become a “fan” on the company page, instead of just a Facebook friend, people can make reservations directly from the page and post ratings and reviews. Although company pages are free, Facebook hopes companies that use them also will buy ad space through its new Social Ads program. Ads can be used to target Indian food enthusiasts in the local area. Companies can either pay per click or per page view. The minimum cost is $5 per day.

So where is the Buzz? You need to do 2 things right away: 1) Get a Facebook strategy for yourself personally (see my “Get a Facebook Strategy” blog post, November 2007), and 2) Start a company page for your company before someone else does. Think of this in the same way cybersquatters were buying URLs – you need to control your own destiny.

(Some portions of this post were excerpted from a Wall Street Journal article.)

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  • Sodexo Careers

    What a great post. We recently started a facebook group and then a facebook page because there were more opportunities to add applications like a blog feed. Every day I learn something new with the online networking. Today I learned about your blog and what a great blog it is!

  • Moses - Oak Interactive, LLC

    Informative read. Thank you.

  • Marketeer A

    Great post! I found one of my largest clients through facebook by reconnecting with a high school friend. I’m a true believer in social networking.

  • albertjames

    I took a look at your site and recommend it to my visitors. I agree with you on the importance of becoming valuable in many different areas. I believe that it sustains any entrepreneur during challenges that inevitably occur.
    buzz marketing

  • ZaggedEdge

    Saw an interesting YouTube video on Bryce. Seems like she’s doing a great job monetizing her social media expertise. Pretty cool

  • Financial Management

    I have an account of facebook, but sad to say I visit it quite often I guess I should bring it to life again and start doing business there and meet new friends. I have read information about the face book benefits and how you can gain not only friends but also good income.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ FinancialManagement – better get cracking – 1/3 of US adults age 45-55 & 55+ say they DONT use social media

  • Pulse Integration

    Even though the 45 and up group is currently the least likely to use facebook. I have found through my work in creating a positive change in schools that the above 45 crowd (me included) is becoming more internet savvy each day. A recent study by me at a conference showed that most of the 300 people in the room signed up to a facebook account within the last 8 months. I’ve been posting my website, http://www.crossingthemiddleground.com around facebook with great success. Peace… JB

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  • Ken Morrison

    Thank you. Up until now, I thought that being a ‘friend’ or a ‘fan’ was just a case of HUGE egos. Now I understand that they are two separate things. Thank you for shedding the light on this big difference.

  • I also promote some of my affiliate links on Facebook by making Facebook fan pages and also by advertising on Facebook.`-;

  • @Savannah – good call on Facebook ads – watch my blog for a post today about 1:1 Facebook ads and thanks for commenting

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