Kim Kardashian Wedding – Social Intelligence Report

With the recent divorce of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, many people have started questioning the authenticity of the wedding, and if the brands involved had wasted their money. We here at Networked Insights measured the social lift around several of the brands involved to determine if they received a return in earned media value from their integrated sponsorship.

Social Lift can be considered online word-of-mouth. It’s a way to measure the ripple effect in media after an event either in conversations or the sharing of content. Download the Social Intelligence Report – Kim Kardashian Wedding to learn if brands like Vera Wang, People Magazine and Perrier-Jouet received social lift from their association with Kim Kardashian.

In this report you will discover:

  • The earned brand value from celebrity endorsement
  • Why branded conversations in social media are important
  • Which brand received the most ROI for their sponsorship

While brands may still be uncertain about their optimal balance of paid, owned and earned media, the value of celebrity endorsement and how it impacts branded conversations is clear. All that is left to uncover for marketers is the right celebrity for your brand and target audience as explored in our Lady Gaga Social Intelligence Report.

What do you think about celebrities and their role in branded conversations online? Submit your comments and let us know if you’d associate your brand with a reality TV star.

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