Marketing’s Customers: an Oxymoron or Reality??

They may not be the ones you think I mean. No not the internal customers or your bosses boss like the CEO, CFO or COO. I mean real customers of marketing. Let me explain …

If you are like me working to drive thought leadership out of our organization and into the hands of would be prospects, then you know the first place that this phenomena of Marketing’s Customers happens is online.

A person who downloads the paper and opts into our database becomes a lead start (notice I didn’t say lead). And with the lead nurturing system we have in place we can then develop a lead to the point that they are willing to talk to someone from our sales organization.

In a recent meeting with Forrester analyst Peter Burris he pointed out to me that this customer is not a customer of sales but a “customer of marketing”! Which is an interesting notion if you stop and think about it?

Perhaps this accounts for some of the Not Invented Here feeling we can sometimes get from our sales team on these leads. But love them or not they are still interest and much warmer than any cold call a sales person could ever have.

How are you bringing in new customers?

3 comments to Marketing’s Customers: an Oxymoron or Reality??

  • Pam

    A funny thing has happened with the last 3 companies I’ve worked with–NetQoS, ReachForce and BreakingPoint–as blog readership or community membership has increased, inbound requests for proposals have also increased dramatically. And, these are large B2B sales scenarios. For the first time that I can remember in a B2B or large enterprise sales situation, Marketing is taking prospects all the way to the point of asking for a proposal. I’ve found that the combination of providing a steady stream of educational content, blogging about it, and participating in social media groups is a very powerful recipe for building credibility, and converting suspects or “leads” to actual prospects.

    Pam O’Neal
    Lead Blogger –

  • Paul Dunay

    Interesting report I read today from Research Corp Q3 2008 called Demand Generation Survey: Cross the Chasm

    “Demand Generation is still in its infancy with most marketers relying on basic tools such as web analytics and email marketing (77% of companies report using) However few companies report being able to
    – Perform behavioral based targeting
    – Nurturing Prospects
    – Scoring Leads
    – Automatically routing those leads to sales teams

  • Sven

    Good Job! 😉

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