B2B Marketers vote on the Best Web 2.0 tools!!

Can you name the most popular B2B blogging tool? Do you know what’s best for RSS? How about naming the top podcasting tool?

Robert Lesser, president of Direct Impact Marketing, and I are pleased to announce we have some answers. We’ve produced a survey of Web 2.0 tools that is going to help tons of marketers get their Web 2.0 efforts under way.

The just-released survey of B2B marketers found they are increasingly using Web 2.0 technologies in campaigns, with 31% having initiated pilot campaigns, 28% using them on an ad hoc basis, and another 42% rolling them out to their teams, divisions or entire organizations.

B2B marketers are not just embracing Web 2.0 tools, they’re pushing the envelope on adoption. They’re using the new tools to reach prospects, not just reinforce existing customer relationships. And they’re quickly moving up the learning curve.

The link to participate in the survey and download the report

From this research, we have created an online version of the Web 2.0 Tools Directory that will be continually updated with Survey results.

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