Blogs are Proven to Influence the Tech-fluential!

A new survey released by Burson-Marsteller that shows 80 percent of tech-fluentials say they read blogs, which is good news for the smart Buzz Marketer!

But Buzz Marketers beware the survey also says a full 64 percent of tech-fluentials fact-check blog entries against news or magazine Web sites, and 44 percent turn to print articles in newspapers and magazines.

While remaining passionate about new communication channels such as blogs, podcasts and social networking sites, tech-fluentials continue to follow and trust traditional media; one-half of tech-fluentials say online news sites (49 percent) and traditional newspapers and magazines (48 percent) are the most credible sources of information about companies. For more information on tech-fluentials visit their website and blog

The survey results further emphasize the importance of an integrated approach to reaching the “tech-fluentials” – a powerful group of individuals who use the latest technologies to generate and accelerate word of mouth.

So what should Buzz Marketers do? While blogging and other alternative media continue to gain prominence, the right mix of traditional and non-traditional media is essential in reaching them. Like I said before – Integrated Marketing is Great but Integrated and Sticky is better!

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