3 More ROIs in Social Media – Conversations Leads and Advocates

If you follow me you know I talk a lot about the ROI of Social Media since I happen to have stumbled on a great ROI using Social Media in providing support for our customers at Avaya.

Social customer support I would argue is the single best place to focus your social media efforts since […]

B2B Marketers Fate Rests in the Hands of a Few

At the recent ITSMA Marketing Leadership forum I was stunned by a presentation given by Sean Geehan CEO of the Geehan Group author of the upcoming book the B2B Executive Playbook. The big eye opener for me was – B2B marketers are always tasked with getting net new customers when in reality their existing customer […]

It pays to provide Support with Social Media

In a recent Forrester Report on “Customer Experience Pays Off as Social Media reduces Obstacles for Real Change” they have really nailed down the argument I have been making over the last year about why Support is the single best place to build your business case for Social Media.

If you look deeply at the […]

How NOT to Create Loyalty in Tough Times

Marketing’s mission is to somehow change a customer’s behavior.

We try many things to affect that behavior: advertising, email, search, events, webinars, and the list goes on and on.

And in tough economic times the opportunity to affect customer behavior is exceptionally acute, especially when it comes to existing loyal customers.

So check out […]