Fast Forward 10 years for a look at Buzz

Red Herring recently did a story (The Future of the Internet) that gave us a glimpse of the year 2016 through the eyes of Vint Cerf, father of the Internet TCP/IP protocol and now Chief Evangelist at Google, along with two-dozen other pundits.

Clearly the line between traditional tech firms and commercial firms is going to blur. Cars that arrange for repairs at dealerships. School buses that instant message the time your kids will be dropped off at home. Managing your heating, cooling, lighting and even your coffee pot thought the Internet. Electronics is embedded in our environment, woven into our clothing and written directly to our glasses or contacts – now that’s Buzzworthy!

My point? Our already crowded tech space is about to get even more crowded (now that’s a Buzz Kill). Every conceivable product manufacturer is joining our ranks, from automakers to coffee pot makers to gas and electric companies to clothing manufacturers. Even Cohen’s Fashion optical??? Buzz marketing will be your ONLY defense.

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  • Joan Damico

    It’s almost as if we’re going backwards to the old agora market concept. Word of mouth or buzz marketing was big then and will be big in the future, except it will all be electronic and over a much larger universe than the local market.
    Good stuff, Paul!

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