How to build a Lead Nurturing Super Highway!

Not all leads should be treated equally. In our business for example the sales cycle can be upwards of 9 months – so lead nurturing it critical to stay in front of your prospect during their journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. Furthermore, you are never quite sure when that illusive moment of need might strike in the heart of a prospect so you need to stay in front of your prospect with a fair amount of regularity.

But what happens to those prospects that come to your site and have an immediate need – lead nurturing wouldn’t be right for someone who wants to engage with someone right away. We began noticing a need for a “Fast Lane” for leads that were bingeing on white papers and forward to 20 internal contacts that each downloaded the paper. A lead nurturing super highway was born.

Dale’s company EchoQuote handles this type of request for companies that already have lead nurturing and need to super charge their efforts – its simple, its measureable and it gets results – check out our podcast as Dale presents the system to me.

About Dale

Dale Underwood has been in Information Technology for 25 years. He started out as a Programmer, turned System Engineer, turned B2B Salesman, turned Business Owner.

For 15 years he was selling IT infrastructure products (mainly storage related; EMC, StorageTek, ADIC and Veritas) to commercial and Government customers nationwide. In 2004 he noticed customers were not relying as much on the VAR channel for information. Many customers preferred to go directly to the manufacturer’s websites where rich, current content lives. It was also becoming tougher to engage new customers since many of the traditional sales processes were being replaced by web based content. So, in 2005 he sold his company and began designing a new kind of company; one that focused on innovative self-service methods that would empower end-users.

In 2006 he started Federal Appliance, another VAR that used innovative tools to find new customers. It took advantage of the self-service nature of the internet to attract and engage prospects. The core of Federal Appliance was a custom software platform coded in-house that allowed end-users to instantly get their own budgetary pricing with the sales team’s approval. The system was fast and quickly caught on as the “go to” site for Equallogic equipment. It was soon obvious that business customers loved using the system and many asked if Federal Appliance would carry other products. He knew he had a winner and decided to separate the software platform and roll it into a new company. EchoQuote was born.

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  • SunCatIv

    Nice Post… Thank You For Sharing

  • Joseph Manna, Infusionsoft

    Excellent article and great advice! At Infusionsoft, the leading marketing automation software on the Web, we’ve know a lot about lead nurturing.

    We’ve found that leads need to be interacted/touched about 8 times before purchase. We find the best combination is between e-mail, fax and direct mail and phone. A powerful campaign helps any small business to convert more leads once you nurture them.

    Lead nurturing is incredibly powerful, so much in fact, as of today, we guarantee small business owners will be able to double their sales. More info is at .


  • designercloth

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  • RedHat39

    Excellent ideas in your post. Finding prospects and good leads is a must for any online networker these days.

    I just found a really great lead generation system that gives a complete 30 day action plan for generating prospects and business leads that anyone can do. Paul Birdsall has an amazing system here that definately works.

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