If I had a dollar …

Last week, I was interviewed by a technology services marketing team looking to improve their Demand Generation activities.

They had a very cohesive but small team and they wanted to ramp up activities to drive brand awareness and lead generation. But as you might expect they had limited funds and bandwidth (don’t we all).

I suggested a few different places like investing in more Content Marketing, Lead Nurturing and Social Media. And here is how the conversation went:

Content Marketing – is the bait you need to have out there that attracts the type of customer you want to talk to – in fact the entire first experience(s) of your brand online are all around the quality of content you put out there AND what people have to say about it. It’s time to crank on the quality of your content machine not just the quantity!

Lead Nurturing – if this isn’t high on your list, it should be. If the best place to get make a sale is with your existing customer base then the SECOND best place to make a sale is contained in your lead nurturing system. A person who downloads the paper and opts into our database becomes a lead start (notice I didn’t say lead). And with the lead nurturing system we have in place we can then develop a lead to the point that they are willing to talk to someone from our sales organization.

And finally …

Social Media – unlike traditional media – Print, TV and Radio – which can cost big money. Social media’s upfront costs are very little and we actually use money within my team to experiment with it so we get A) get a better understanding of the technology and B) start to understand how we can use it and measure the results along with all the other media we have. Also try to map your tactics more to the buying cycle when you deploy them. Don’t think this next podcast is going to drive awareness through the roof – it might – but the goal should be to feed those that are already in your long sales cycle with more good quality content on what your company can deliver.

Bottom line – this team pushed me by asking “ok but if you only had a dollar, where would you put it?” My response – Content. You can have the best Lead Nurturing system and the best Social Media plan – but without content you aren’t going to get very far.

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  • Authority Networker

    Right, social media marketing today is definitely at the top of its peak as a widely used internet network marketing strategy. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, making yourself an indispensable source of information increases the odds customers will purchase from you. This is the concept of attraction marketing that is being tapped by social media – develop ongoing relationships with clients and moving them along the buying path in your communications to greatly increase profits on autopilot. These clients will also bring in more business for you via referrals. The more helpful and valuable your information is, the more it establishes your credibility and identity as an authority networker.

  • Braden Kelley

    I totally agree Paul. Too often clients think they need more or better marketing communications, even if those drive to the same tired content over and over.

    Creating good content is definitely one way to deliver value to customers.

    If you’re not delivering value to customers then you’re not creating effective conversational marketing.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Branden

    Thanks for sharing Branden

  • AJ Gerritson

    “Also try to map your tactics more to the buying cycle when you deploy them.”

    Paul, I couldn’t have said it better! Successful companies realize that it’s not just about developing content and utilizing social media’s newest and shiniest toys, it’s about laying out a comprehensive, well thought out content strategy that can be deployed through social media and drip marketing (lead nurturing). This, and only this, yields the optimum results.


  • Paul Dunay

    Excellent AJ – thanks for commenting

  • Janetti !

    Hi Paul – thanks for your insightful articles on social media adoption. I’m the Community Manager for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference this June in Boston. We’ve got some great content focused on social media in the enterprise that you might be interested in – http://www.e2conf.com/conference/

    We welcome you to join our blog partner program for access to industry insights and speaker connections. If you are interested in joining our blogroll, please email me and I can send more program details.

    ~ Janetti Chon

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Janetti

    I wish I could be at the conference but instead I will be checking out your content

    also will reach out to you separately about joining your blog roll

    thanks for reaching out

  • LEADSExplorer

    There is no such thing as demand generation.
    Demand exists or is not existing.

    You can look and find people having a demand on your website. Then the demand exists.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Leadsexplorer – thanks

  • Mack

    Thank you for this insight in your world.

  • site update service

    right, I go for the content. it’s the most basic but the most successful bait to attract your desired niche. thanks for sharing this post.

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Site & Mack – thanks for commenting

  • Anonymous

    Paul, I think good content and thought leadership is the most powerful sales tool for a B2B marketer – the higher the value of the product/service, the more this rings true.

    Great article mate. AG

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