Is Real Time Marketing in your future?

In fact I would argue it is here today.

Take a look at one of my last post on Hey Marketer – When was the last time you talked with a customer??

And then ask yourself – how long did some of those interactions take. For Example – We resolved the issue for the person below in 15 minutes! When is the last time you baked up a marketing plan, executed it, got the reaction and closed the whole thing off in 15 minutes!

I always felt marketing needed serious lead time to ramp up on any major strategic shift.

But over the last few years (including last year’s recession marketing) we didn’t have months to plan. My old boss used to say to me “none of our Financial Services customers are waiting to fix their mortgage exposure issues – they are diving in right now and we can’t wait 45 days to put on a brilliant webinar on How to Solve Today’s Mortgage Crisis – we need to do it right now!” Followed by “if you had a leak in your basement would you wait 45 days for a consultant to put on a webinar on How to fix your leaky basement??” (and that one always killed me when he said that!)

But ask your media partners if they can turn on a dime and get you a webinar in a week – answer NO. It takes months to plan and execute.

I would argue we are moving into an environment where we don’t have months to plan and execute or even days to plan and execute – we are moving to Real Time Marketing. Where we see something on the Socialsphere and we plan and react to it in seconds. All brought on by things like monitoring your brand on Forums, Blogs, Comments, Twitter, and Social Networks.

Unfortunately I think the world has changed forever – so you better get used to the new world of Marketing – Real Time Marketing!

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  • Anonymous

    I'm curious–have you been directly involved in building social media applications and/or services?

    Your bio says you 'delivered work' for some big companies, but doesn't say anything specifically about work related to social media.

    Look forward to your response,


  • Paul Dunay

    @ Anonymous – I have! But from the inside in my roles at BearingPoint and Avaya. Many of the companies I delivered work for were during my tenure at Siegel & Gale and that was much more interactive work (pre social)

  • Anonymous

    Could you give some examples of the social media work you did at Avaya and BearingPoint and what your specific role was in these projects?


  • Paul Dunay

    @ Jim – I would be happy to – why not shoot me an email and we can set up some time to discuss

    my email is phdunay at yahoo dot com

  • Promotional Products

    If it's not already in your repertoire, it better be in the near future. Real time marketing is emerging as something that can take over a big segment of marketing. It is instant, you can instantly get info to your clients and you can get instant feedback from them. If marketers aren't developing strategies for this right now, I think they will be left in the dust.

  • Paul Dunay

    @Promotional – Amen brother!

  • Keith Monaghan

    Hi Paul,

    A thought provoking post! Makes me think of the Open Social API used by LinkedIn, MySpace, Netlog, Ning, orkut, and Yahoo!–allowing posting of one's activity across multiple social media sites.

    It seems inevitable that most, if not all, SM sites will embrace Open Social or something similar in the future.

    The question then, I think, is how will we marketers deal with this mass of real-time info that is not just posted on a few SM sites, but instantly scattered across hundreds of places on the web?

    Scary thought, but I feel you hit the nail on the head: businesses need to think about developing quick response marketing plans now, while they still have time.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Keith

    You raise a great point and one that I am working on for Avaya

    I think every organization will have to have a listening technology and even a routing technology to be able to get it into the flow of what a company deals with every day.

    Thank you for commenting

  • […] support. (Shameless plug here: My favorite B2B blogger Paul Dunay is going to talk about how Avaya uses social media for customer support at ITSMA’s Marketing Leadership Forum on May 25-26.) The entire organization needs to get […]

  • […] support. (Shameless plug here: My favorite B2B blogger Paul Dunay is going to talk about how Avaya uses social media for customer support at ITSMA’s Marketing Leadership Forum on May 25-26.) The entire organization needs to get […]

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