Proven Big M Marketing Techniques

Marketing is the interface a company builds to interact with the marketplace and the customer base. The marketing group, combined with the sales force, is the point in the company where the market understanding resides.

This should be the group that drives the company, that sells the marketing vision and message internally, and if that is not happening or doesn’t seem appropriate, there is something seriously wrong.

Big M Marketing focuses on the broader more strategic use of marketing have having solid processes in place to take advantage of this. I sought the advice of Dave Guzeman president of Mindpik and author of a recent book called – Driving Marketing Success with Big M Marketing.

Proven Big M Marketing Techniques

About Dave

Dave Guzeman Mindpik‚Äôs Mastermind, has combined sophisticated technical savvy with keen marketing instincts for over 30 years. A veteran Silicon Valley marketer, Guzeman founded the Mindpik consultancy in 1988 to develop sales and marketing programs for new product launches, startups and turnarounds. Guzeman directs all of Mindpik’s efforts to build business plans for capital acquisition or sales of companies or products to targeted markets. Mindpik clients have included semiconductor powerhouses like Signetics (now Philips) to inventive start-ups like Music Semiconductor and u-Nav microprocessors.

Prior to starting Mindpik, Guzeman held executive marketing positions including VP of Marketing at Zilog and VP of Marketing & Sales at ZyMOS. At the latter, he was responsible for introducing the industry’s first PC clone chipset, a release that triggered the PC clone avalanche.

Guzeman started the Advertising and PR department at Intel in the mid-seventies where he worked with the company’s founding partners to launch the legendary 8080 microprocessor which set the architecture and instruction set Intel still uses today.

Guzeman came to Intel from Teledyne Semiconductor, his first stop in Silicon Valley, where he served as the Digital Product marketing Manager after graduation with a BS in Physics from Aurora University in Illinois.

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