Technology Marketing spend on the Rise!

Buzz Factor – MEDIUM – Ok buzz marketers, this is good. Check out the latest IDC research on “Technology Marketing Spending and Resource Priorities for 2006”. The study showed tech marketing spending was up for the third year in a row.

Now here comes the really good part: ALSO for the third year in a row, technology marketing spending outpaced global IT spending. Good for us tech marketers, bad for our companies.

Why? It is costing more in marketing dollars to get every dollar in revenue!

The Buzz Bottom Line – differentiation is an investment. Stop schizophrenic marketing, and focus on key areas that you can OWN. There has never been a better time to be a marketer. There has never been a better time to be marketing technology. And it is never too late to get down to business and focus. Focus on the value your firm drives for real clients.

You don’t think you have differentiation? Not to worry. Marketing is about finding a need – in our case a business need – and filling that need with your product or service. That is why they call it Market-ing.

A cautionary Buzz KILL: Anything short of differentiation – of finding a need and filling it – is just advertising.

So find that need. Create your message and build your core platform around it. And above all, integrate your marketing efforts for maximum leverage on a finite business need. We may have big budgets this year (some of us at least) but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make them go as far as we can.

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