Using thought leadership to position Motorola, a podcast with Eduardo Conrado

Eduardo Conrado and I met up at the MarketingProfs conference at the beginning of October. I really liked his approach to using thought leadership in the positioning of the Enterprise Division of Motorola.

As global marketing VP, Eduardo controls the marketing for all of Motorola’s enterprise B2B products worldwide. So naturally I wanted to better understand his approach to thought leadership, as well as how he defines success. I also wanted to learn which Web 2.0 tactics are working for his teams around the globe. Enjoy …

Using thought leadership to position Motorola, a podcast with Eduardo Conrado

About Eduardo

Eduardo Conrado is vice president of Global Business and Technology Marketing & Communications for Motorola, Inc. His role encompasses three of Motorola’s four primary businesses with revenues of over $17 billion: Home & Networks Mobility, Government & Public Safety, and Enterprise Mobility.

Reporting to Motorola’s chief marketing officer, Eduardo is responsible for driving a worldwide team that focuses on Motorola’s vital B2B marketing strategy – from overall branding, to product and regional/channel marketing, to interactive and direct marketing. He also leads both internal and external communications, including employee communications, public relations and industry analyst relations.

2 comments to Using thought leadership to position Motorola, a podcast with Eduardo Conrado

  • Rob

    Great interview, Paul. It’s always good to hear from practitioners investing seriously in thought leadership. I was surprised, though, at Eduardo’s comment near the end that B2B marketers generally don’t have any problem with producing content, but rather that the real challenge is distribution. Respectfully, I’d suggest that both remain huge challenges. My own sense is that there is still far too much promotional pitch content hiding under the banner of thought leadership, and much less truly compelling, differentiated, and actually educational content out there.

  • Paul Dunay

    Totally agree Rob

    That’s why I have been warning groups when I speak to crank on the quality of your content engine.

    With all the coming needs for differentiated content to feed your blogs, podcasts, vodcasts, wikis, communities – you will need more and more good quality content


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