What Could be Better than RSS? – Answer: IRSS

Really Simple Syndication – RSS – has been around since 1999 when Netscape launched mynetscape.com. Since then, RSS has emerged as a key Buzz delivery vehicle for content of all types including newsletters, blogs and podcasts, and, most notably, as a substitute for email delivery. In fact, in a recent Jupiter Research report, 34 percent of marketers said RSS is a more reliable delivery mechanism than email.

But RSS does have two major challenges: personalization and measurement. When people subscribe via RSS, they “opt-in” to receive any content that you produce to that feed. The problem is, you get no data on who those people are or what they like to read.

Enter Individualized RSS – or IRSS. IRSS gives each feed a unique identifier, which is created during the subscription process. This is a significant step forward. With IRSS, you no longer are looking at a sea of subscribers who want your content. Instead, your feeds become distinct streams flowing to uniquely numbered groups. As a result, you can study and gather more data on each feed, such as measuring page views.

So, Buzz Marketers – if you are just beginning to look down the RSS road, why not consider IRSS from the outset?

3 comments to What Could be Better than RSS? – Answer: IRSS

  • Provident Partners

    Will IRSS determine and report back the duration of a specific podcast’s play time?

  • Paul Dunay

    Yes, it is my understanding that you can track the activity of an IRSS subscriber – like “open” of the podcast and the length it was “viewed”

  • The M Show

    I’d be interested in any more information you have on that. Unless it would require changes to the reader the existing technology doesn’t provide for passing back info on what’s done with the mp3 file after download.

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