Why is Google Scared and What it means for B2B Marketing!

GoogleAt a recent dinner with a buddy of mine from Microsoft (who helped launch Bing) – I learned a lot more about the search market and a very important trend that can effect the future of B2B Marketing.

When you think about the search behavior of the average person online – we are mostly conditioned to search in very routine ways like pulling up a Google search page, using the toolbar in your browser etc. And we tend not to stray from that behavior now. It’s almost an unconscious choice for most of us.

But when it comes to search on a mobile device we mostly use very specific apps, like Yelp for Restaurants or Flixter for Movies – where the search result is much much richer – you not only get results that are more relevant but you also get a chance to make a reservation, get directions, buy a movie ticket right there within the application.

If you look at the share of mobile  search that the Google app has it is minuscule compared to their share of the browser based search market. This is why Google is so interested in buying apps like Yelp or launching their own phone like Nexus One since they realize this is the year mobile search really takes off and if they just stick to browser based search their overall share will diminish.

OK so what does this mean to B2B Marketers?

While there is no app yet for finding and reading Thought Leadership on your iPhone or an app for finding advice from an Expert in a particularly difficult technology topic (business idea?) perhaps there will be shortly. Maybe apps like foursquare could have a business to business version in the near future. I think as B2B Marketers we need to be open to and looking for those types of opportunities – because one thing is for sure – the devices we have in our hands are going to only get better and traditional search while it may always be around in some form – new avenues on mobile devices are going to open up for us.

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  • Interesting thought Paul. It occurred to me that your observation has a parallel in the contact centre world. Using context to help agents get a positive, personalized, and rapid result for a customer rather than just a generalistic approach which ignores the individual. Maybe we can get to a place where we enable more applications to present more “thoughtful” information to the user!

  • @ Chris – totally agree – there can and should be a profile capability that contact centers can pull in when you call in to a contact center – that has rich data with feeds from all your social activity.

  • Paul,

    Thought-provoking post (as usual). I think we’re so used to having to break down the door to reach buyers that we forget that sometimes they want to be found. Not necessarily by us–but by each other. If we can help make those connections happen we can market to them. I’m thinking Foursquare combined with content delivery to help push the peer-to-peer conversations along.

    Chris Koch

  • @ Chris K – Great point and think there is a killer app out there just waiting to be built that combines location with content just for B2B – thanks for confirming that hunch!

  • Hi Paul, i think There is no secret to Internet Marketing. All you have to do is to get targeted consumers to visit your site at a time when they’re “ready to act NOW”.

  • Hi Paul, i think There is no secret to Internet Marketing. We have to do is to get targeted consumers to visit our site at a time when they’re “ready to act NOW”.

  • @ Ali – Agreed – thanks for commenting

  • Colm Smyth

    Google will not easily give up its position as master index of the internet. It’s extensions for specific services (e.g. a play button for Lala) show how it could evolve.

    But I agree in principle that one index and one UI cannot use all the context or provide all the answers, so there is scope for services that know more about you and apps that know more about the specific domain you are looking in.

  • @ Colm – its a fair point – Google is the master of all things internet – but Mobile is a different arena and as my buddy mentioned to me – it have a very different experience when it comes to search. The most popular item people search for in mobile is Location (directions, restaurants, movies, entertainment).

    Google today only provides some of the highest level of these items but where mobile aps like Foursquare, Yelp, Flixter provide a much better and integrated search experience including a link to buy tickets or book a table.

    The search world is a changing!! Thanks for commenting Colm!

  • What exactly is Google scared of? Defending their dominance and profits? They’ve already achieved godhead. They should now splinter into thousands of tiny innovative companies and go sit on the beach.
    Allan Hoving

  • @Allan – I hear ya but I am suggesting their market is eroding based on their lack of dominance in Mobile. Also recent survey said that early adopter style tech influencers are using Bing – which means they may be losing their edge.

  • Interesting article. I agree with your comments, but Google always has something “up its sleeve” 😉 The real winners in this space are the telco’s – without them none of this would exists. The richest man in the world – Carlos Slim? Wow! I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this?

  • @Everett – I think he is crazy – definitely a counter intuitive guy – it will be interesting to how his investment in NYT pans out

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