4 Stages of a Thought Leadership Maturity Model


Here is a great piece on the maturity of a company’s Thought Leadership program by ITSMA.

Last year I was asked by ITSMA to collaborate on this piece with them. They also tapped into companies like Deloitte, E&Y, IBM, Coginzant, SAP and more.

What came out is quite interesting for any company looking to take their thought leadership program to the next level. Here are a few points I pulled out to highlight for you that can help you make the case internally:

  • 79% of would-be buyers say thought leadership is important to critical to determining which providers they want to learn more about
  • 75% of would-be buyers say thought leadership helps them determine which buyers to put on their short list
  • Traditional format for thought leadership has been the white paper but in this era of digital and social that isn’t enough
  • To reap the benefits of a thought leadership program you must have SME’s that are recognized outside of your company
  • Interaction with SME’s in social media improves the ability to communicate key thought leadership ideas

Click here for a full copy of the report on the 4 Stages of a Thought Leadership Maturity Model


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