Challenges in Everyone in Your Company being Social

In the last post called Just 4 People doing Social Media? we discussed how social media like email will eventually be in the hands of everyone in your organization. I even put a date on it Jan 1 2012.

But there are challenges to this happening that were not apparent when email rolled out across the enterprise.

The issue is Brand “voice”.

Sure some people are funnier than other people when it comes to witty emails. Some people like to write tombs and some are masters of the one-liners (like myself).

But in Social Media that approach wont work. You cant have some people being long Tweeters – it just wont work – and you cant have some people being fast and pithy. I think it presents a real challenge for a brand. And you run the risk of dilution of the brand.

Now factor in your Contact Center …

They can’t go from super nice phone personas, then whitty Twitter/Facebook personas and then over to long detailed email personas. That would be a very hard thing to do and few people are qualified to do that. And most likely those few would be reserved for high profile escalations of customer service.

I think organizations are going to need a lot of training on successful Social Media situations that resulted in a very positive experience for the brand. Some of this training will be generic to all companies and some will have to be very specific to each company.

The reason being is that each Social Media site has its own “norms” of behaviors that go with them. Learning them are key to success in each of them. So a Social Media content repository (ok that sounds weird) perhaps a Social Media Knowledge Management system (most likely a Wiki) will need to be in place so people can study what has happened, get up to speed fast and go out and get Social!

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  • Paul Dunay

    @ Megaan

    Thanks so much for reaching out to me and asking

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    BUT by commenting such as you did you will get the link credit you are looking for

  • Scott Mersy

    Hi Paul,
    I agree that we'll soon see (and, in many cases, already are seeing) Social Media participation becoming widespread across a B2B organization. As this happens, marketing automation providers will continue to add social media capabilities directly within the system – things like tweet templates, integrated URL shorteners (like we announced last month), and an integrated "listening" dashboard will help the marketer keep brand voice consistent. When it comes right down to it, everyone from Sales to Engineering will be participating in Social Media activities. Much like with email, organizations can either let it happen in a vacuum, or wrap process and tools around it to track all the social media outreach and report on it alongside traditional channels.

    The downside, of course, it that some of the generation of ideas (or the occasional entertaining virtual skirmishes) that makes Social Media so powerful might become less likely when Social Media becomes more channeled and less spontaneous. But, then again, most media moves from more chaotic to less as it matures.

    Scott Mersy Inc

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