Why 2,000 Facebook Likes Won’t Save Your Job!

“I wish we didn’t have to spend 10 hours creating a report every month to show [advertisers] that what we’re doing is worthwhile.” Victoria Harres, PR Newswire

Does that sound like your job? I know it sounded like plenty of roles I had within major companies!

But as a Social media marketer, we believe in the power of a world where consumers are more connected to friends and brands, but when it comes to convincing the C-suite how and why, oftentimes they find themselves pointing to indeterminate measures of success such as Facebook Likes. In fact, 68 percent of companies don’t know or can’t measure social media ROI or worse 62 percent of CMO believe that social media will pay off … eventually!

Well that day is already here for the enlightened CMO which is exactly what I want to talk about at this years SXSW event. In my session I will elaborate on over a dozen proven social media strategies from brands like Dell, Jive, Avaya, SAP and the NCAA to establish targeted social media programs that delivered real results. My session will explain how to combine social monitoring with analytical firepower to go from reactive social media—such as customer support and crisis management—to proactive social strategies that lead to product innovation, lead generation and interactive buying.

But I need your help to vote for my session! So if this sounds good to you I would appreciate it if you would click here and vote for my session!

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2 comments to Why 2,000 Facebook Likes Won’t Save Your Job!

  • Your upcoming session is timely. I am eternal optimist that someone will find the magic formula to develop a conversion engine that will bridge the gap. Until such time I am still not convinced of the ROI for social when it comes to B2B. Great for getting the word out but really bad at converting. I am really interested to see how the companies you have mentioned have managed to do so.

    Your post also inspired me to write a recent blog post on the topic of avoiding meaningless metrics in lead generation – what do you think?

  • Hello Louis!

    Well I am out speaking about this exact topic of how to get an ROI in social media for B2B. There are some early case studies that show signs of real promise!

    I agree about meaningless metrics (thats for the link BTW) – really the only thing that counts to my CEO is Sales – so how did you help me get new sales, avoid losing a sale, present an opportunity for us to make a sale etc

    Someone has to pay the bills and sales is usually on the hook for that


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