– Solving the Challenges of Corporate Blogging

How do you enable legions of bloggers if you are a company like Microsoft? What policies and procedures do you put in place? What approval process can handle thousands of blogger posting each day? Who owns the corporate blog, Corporate Communications or Interactive?

Andy Sernovitz, with input from early participants like Sean O’Driscoll from Microsoft started the Blog Council to help corporate bloggers address these and other issues on a weekly basis. I decided to reach out to them and get some more information and perhaps some clues on how to deal with these questions. Enjoy … – Solving the Challenges of Corporate Blogging

About Andy

Andy Sernovitz is CEO of GasPedal, a word of mouth marketing consulting firm. He is author of the hot and sexy new book Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking. Seth Godin wrote the foreword and Guy Kawasaki wrote the afterword.

Andy teaches Word of Mouth Marketing at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and previously taught Internet Entrepreneurship at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He was a founder and CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), which made the idea of consumer-friendly, consumer-controlled marketing into the #1 most important marketing phenomenon. He recently left WOMMA to return to private life and is now its “President Emeritus.”

In past lives, Andy founded and ran the Association for Interactive Marketing, the big trade group in the dot com days; was an email marketing guru; ran a business incubator; started some startups; and sat on some boards.

About Sean

Sean O’Driscoll first joined Microsoft Corporation in 1992 as part of the worldwide sales organization. During his early years with the company, he held several positions responsible for the recruitment, development and engagement of Microsoft Partners. As part of these responsibilities, Sean was accountable for developing business alliances with many of the company’s largest independent software vendors, including Great Plains Software, Siebel Systems and Computer Associates.

In 1998, Sean joined Microsoft’s professional services organization and helped establish the company’s first support and consulting business focused on global ISV, system integration, and OEM partners. In January 2003, he rejoined the Customer Service and Support operation as Director of MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and Technical Communities.

In his current capacity as General Manager, Community Support Services, Sean is responsible for developing social media and community-based support models and leading the worldwide MVP program. The MVP program is designed to award and recognize amazing individuals in technical communities around the globe who share a passion for technology and the spirit of community.

Sean is currently transitioning out of Microsoft and has launched CGT Consulting, an independent consultancy focused on applying social media and influencer programs to driving business strategy and long term results.

Sean graduated from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, with degrees in business administration and philosophy. He now lives just outside Seattle, Washington, with his wife Kari, and two daughters, Erin and Lauren.

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