Blogs are making your website look bad!

Ok I said it – Blogs and Bloggers are making your website look bad – but how?

Every day bloggers are posting content to their blogs, I have seen as high as 4-5 times in one day and before lunch, worse there is no standards for this yet and there most likely wont be. For me 2-3 times a week feels right, or at least weekly for sure, but not less than that. I mean really – its not like a corporate newsletter you can do quarterly – Who ever heard of a quarterly blog?

So the question is – in comparison – how often do you update your corporate website?

Sure you post a new press release, a new white paper or even a new case study, maybe you even post them to your RSS link.

But in comparison to a blog – your website content is stale – Really Stale! Face it bloggers have changed the content game on the web forever. There is no way you can change your homepage 4-5 times a day – you wouldn’t want to either – it would make your brand look schizophrenic.

So what should Buzz Marketers do? – rethink your content creation process and crank it up faster. What are you doing annually that you can do quarterly, what are you doing quarterly that you can do monthly? Think along those lines and keep that website fresh!

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