MySpace for IT Geeks

IT Toolbox has launched a social networking feature for corporate techies, giving marketers a MySpace-like platform to reach potential tech clients and prospects right in their office. This latest professional community feature on the IT Toolbox website lets members create professional profiles, post articles, and link to other members of the community to share resources and pool knowledge about topics in information technology.

“We took a look at what MySpace did with personal profiles and community building and thought, ‘Why not allow professionals to create their own home pages on the Web?'” said Dan Morrison, IT Toolbox co-founder and CEO.

The community-generated content includes executive blogs, 700 discussion groups and an IT Toolbox Wiki, or community-edited reference guide. The site reports about eight million page views monthly.

“As an IT professional, it is hard to keep on top of changes in software and understand how it can be used,” Mr. Morrison said. “They need a place to turn to the knowledge of the IT workplace and connect with the minds of IT professionals.”

IT Toolbox has more than a million registered users and hopes to convert those users into profiled members following the launch.

So what should Buzz Marketers do? Online social networking specifically for IT is going to facilitate a lot more knowledge sharing between users. It’s a professional setting for truly valuable peer-to-peer interaction. You need to be monitoring this and looking for ways that you and your products and services can add value to these conversations – before your competitors do!

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