– Solving the Challenges of Corporate Blogging

How do you enable legions of bloggers if you are a company like Microsoft? What policies and procedures do you put in place? What approval process can handle thousands of blogger posting each day? Who owns the corporate blog, Corporate Communications or Interactive?

Andy Sernovitz, with input from early participants like Sean O’Driscoll from Microsoft […]

Ideas for putting RSS to work in your organization

Many organizations continue to suffer from information pain points – information overload, too little information, siloed information, or overflowing email that is worthless to many in the organization. RSS is gaining traction within organizations to help ease the pain, so here are some ideas for using it exclusively inside your firewall:

RSS for SalesTrack leads, […]

Using RSS and Wikis for Enterprise Collaboration

Eastern Mountain Sports is using Web 2.0 tools to encourage collaboration internally by rooting it within their business intelligence (BI) analytics dashboards. They use the RSS feeds to report on exceptions and alert users when certain operational metrics are out of tolerance range.

By integrating Web 2.0 tools with their BI tools, decision makers can […]

Marketing in a Wikinomics World, a podcast with Don Tapscott

I love my iPod, but apparently so do scores of tenacious hackers. These rogues have created a number of iPod hacks even though Apple hasn’t opened its architecture. The iPod’s closed architecture is good at keeping competitors at bay. But it also limits what users can ultimately do with the device.

But here’s the real […]

How to Start a Wiki, a podcast with Ross Mayfield

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in wikis, you need to hear Ross Mayfield co-founder and CEO of SocialText Wiki software. He will describe the best way to roll out a wiki, how to build adoption of your wiki, real life examples of successful wikis, and what is the first project everyone tries […]

90% of Collaboration happens via email

Here is a fun stat, there are 200 Billion emails a day, which equates to 30 emails per living person (and I am absolutely over my daily allotment) but worse than that is 70% is reported to be spam.

Big deal you say, well actually it is if you think about it from an efficiency […]

IBM launches Social Networking software

IBM just unveiled a suite of software products called Lotus Connections that includes tools for posting personal profiles, Web logs (or blogs) and lists of Web bookmarks for creating online communities. The suite also has bookmarks for online work collaboration, as well as a collaboration platform that allows plug-ins to popular products such as Cisco […]