The Perfect Storm in Customer Service

Customers have been adopting Social Media for the last few years and I think it is fair to say that we Social Media has gone mainstream especially after last year. Companies too have gotten on the bandwagon of Social Media and become more social themselves and again I think it is fair to say that […]

Marketing Needs to Prepare for the Distributed Web

Everything on the Web today is becoming more distributed. Sales applications, human resource applications, even marketing applications. This works well for us, because it’s easier to implement functionally important applications without knocking on the CIO’s door to ask permission. And it’s great news for these aps from a speed and timing perspective.

But it opens […]

The Future of RSS

Even the president of CBS Interactive thinks syndication of content is big. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Interactive president Quincy Smith explained CBS’s smarter-than-most strategy for a distributed media economy. “We can’t expect consumers to come to us,” he said. “It’s arrogant for any media company to assume that.”

“This is the way […]

Matt Lohman of KnowledgeStorm discusses Web 2.0 Tools on a podcast

As director of business development for KnowledgeStorm, Matt Lohman identifies new channels for marketing and helps clients leverage those channels. Which is why Web 2.0 makes a great addition to KnowledgeStorm’s existing toolbox for B2B marketers.

I had a chance to interview Matt along with Robert Lesser, president of Direct Impact Marketing. Robert and I […]

Ideas for putting RSS to work in your organization

Many organizations continue to suffer from information pain points – information overload, too little information, siloed information, or overflowing email that is worthless to many in the organization. RSS is gaining traction within organizations to help ease the pain, so here are some ideas for using it exclusively inside your firewall:

RSS for SalesTrack leads, […]

Using RSS and Wikis for Enterprise Collaboration

Eastern Mountain Sports is using Web 2.0 tools to encourage collaboration internally by rooting it within their business intelligence (BI) analytics dashboards. They use the RSS feeds to report on exceptions and alert users when certain operational metrics are out of tolerance range.

By integrating Web 2.0 tools with their BI tools, decision makers can […]