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Google AdWords has rolled out click-to-play video ads – “ads that combine the power of sound and motion with the precision of Google to provide users with a relevant and engaging advertising experience”. Video ads join the Google lineup of text, image, and flash ad formats and will be displayed on sites that are part of the “Google network”.

How do they work? When a video ad is served to a page, it will be displayed as a static opening image until the user interacts with the ad. Once the user clicks the play button or the opening image, the video will begin playing within the ad space. If the user clicks the display URL at the bottom of the ad, they will automatically be taken to the advertiser’s website. Google will report a clickthrough whenever a user clicks the display URL and visits the advertiser’s site, rather than when a user clicks the play button or image.

How much do they cost? Pricing will vary depending on the type of ad campaign you choose to create. What’s cool here is you may create a content-targeted campaign with the ads priced on a cost-per-click basis. Alternatively, you can use one of our custom targeting options – demographic, category, or site targeting – the ads will be priced on a cost-per-thousand-impression basis. The amount an advertiser bids is the maximum he/she is willing to pay for either a click (CPC) or a thousand impressions (CPM). Unlike other video ad programs, there is no charge to serve your ad – you only pay for the impressions/clicks you receive!

Best of all the AdWords pricing system also ensures that you never overpay: the winning bid is always reduced to one cent more than the next highest competitor’s bid!

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