Create Buzz, Not Ink!

Don’t take my word for it check out Guy Kawasaki Top 10 Lessons of PR. A summary is available here

Kawasaki is the CEO of venture capital investment bank, former Chief Evangelist for Apple Computer and author of numerous books on business and technology. So check out what Guy’s #1 rule in PR – Create buzz, not ink!

“The first thing is that the world has completely changed in terms of buzz versus ink. It used to be that if you got ink in places like Walt Mossberg’s column in The Wall Street Journal, or in The Industry Standard or Fortune or Forbes or Business Week, the ink would create buzz. I believe that the world has completely reversed.

Today, you get buzz when people are talking about you because 25 million people are ripping off music with your software therefore you get ink. Journalists have no choice but to write about something that is a phenomenon.

What’s the secret to all of the evangelism? The answer is to create great products because great products creates buzz and great buzz creates ink. That’s how it works.”

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