Google tests new ad strategies

Buzz Factor – HIGH – You’re probably familiar with Google’s print ad strategy of selling ¼-page slices of full-page ads. You can see it in action in the 4/10/09 issue of Information Week, page 39.

Not a lot of Buzz there. First to take Google up on the offer were a tchotchke company, an outfit selling school laptop racks, an e-learning company and a map information vendor touting a white paper with a direct response URL. The last one’s sort of interesting. But not Buzz worthy.

What is cool is Google’s deal with Earthlink to WiFi-enable San Francisco – the Fertile Crescent of Technology Buzz. It’s an ad model play based on three things: Location. Location. Location. Something to consider if your technology has a location bias to it.

Better Buzz still is the ad model they could use with it. And they’re all over it. Google filed three patents in March on mobile and location-based advertising. Now that’s cool. I can see the SAP ads now – “Fisherman’s Wharf runs on SAP!” appears on the Razrs and Treos of the uber geeks as they gather for Next Big Thing World at the Moscone.

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