Using RSS for Really Simple SALES!

Buzz Factor – HIGH – Really Simple Syndication (aka RSS) is pretty much considered a geek technology. I know, because I use it. (Try it yourself – experience an RSS feed to get automatic updates to this blog by clicking here – I know it’s a shameless plug) The technology is great, but most of us Buzz Marketers want to take RSS to something more like: Really Simple Sales!

Well look no further – SimpleFeed ( has moved the ball forward by commercializing RSS in its new service. Here is the Buzz … SimpleFeed lets users select and subscribe to topics of interest – product updates, patches, and noteworthy news about its technology. SimpleFeed bills its services as a way to up-sell, cross-sell and draw in potential new customers based on the simple Buzz premise that your existing customers are likely to buy more if you only give them what they want and cut out all the noise. Now that’s a Buzz!

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