Taiwanese technology on the move

Buzz Factor – High – In a sequel to last weeks blog on China technology, this week we look at a Taiwanese technology vendor closely aligned with Microsoft.

Bill Gate’s secret weapon (profiled in Business Week 4/24/06) is a little known company with the Bland name – High Tech Company or HTC for short. Led by Peter Chou, former Digital engineer (recall that Digital had good buzz years ago), HTC is cranking out killer PDAs and Smart phones. They’re already on their fourth generation of some of these gadgets.

HTC, while clearly in need of some branding and Buzz, must be doing something right. On 3/30, the company announced that last sales had doubled to $2.2 billion and profits had tripled to $356M, and the stock is up 1055% since 2003!!

Buzz Marketers sometimes focus too much on the public perception – don’t forget your Buzz communications strategy to the Financial Analyst community. Sometimes the best Buzz of all can be found in the company you keep, and the price of your stock!!

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