Paul Dunay Interviewed on "Be The Voice" Blog with David Spark

For episode number seven of “Be the Voice” David Spark talked with Paul Dunay, Global Director of Integrated Marketing at BearingPoint and prominent blogger at Buzz Marketing for Technology.

Here are some of the highlights from David’s interview with me:


  • The blog is the new resume
  • Starting a personal/professional blog can be your social media sandbox. Play with it and learn the tricks and traps before you launch something within your organization.
  • If you work at a large organization, you’re going to need to some corporate blogging guidelines. There are tons.
  • You want to grow your audience so write content to elicit conversation, not act as the voice of G-d telling people what’s right and wrong.
  • Pick your platform wisely. You don’t want to run into a situation where you’re on one platform (e.g. Blogger) and want to switch to another (e.g. WordPress) and you’re hesitant because the change in addressing will cause you to lose your “Google juice.”
  • The best way to get a blog audience is to follow the people you want following you.
  • When hosting a podcast, ask questions that will elicit honest responses to experiences rather than the talking points marketing wants to hit.
  • Veotag allows you to take advantage of podcasts’ shortcomings by bookmarking chapters throughout your program.
  • Know what’s on your audience’s minds and follow the news and the trends. To grab an audience always try to hook your editorial with the day’s headlines.

Read the entire article and listen to the interview with Paul Dunay [27:45m].

3 comments to Paul Dunay Interviewed on "Be The Voice" Blog with David Spark

  • Douglas Karr

    Great interview, Paul! What’s it like to be on the other side of the questions?

    I’ve been speaking to a lot of companies about preparing to go live rather than jumping into it, so I appreciate your advice to get the right solution first!

    Curious if you’ve had the chance to check out Compendium. I’m a shareholder and helped develop the original premise. They’re growing gangbusters right now because (I believe) they are really the only great corporate blogging solution out there.

    If you ever want to interview Chris Baggott, President, let me know!


  • Paul Dunay


    Thanks for commenting

    yes it was very odd being on the other side of the questions for once – I kinda liked it!

    I looked at Compendium back at one of the MarketingProfs events last year

    Would certainly love to learn more and interview the CEO so please send him my way at phdunay AT yahoo DOT com

  • David Spark

    Paul, I thought you were fantastic. But I thought the guy who was interviewing you was better. 😉

    Your interview has actually set up my further discussions with people.

    Doing editorial within a business atmosphere adds all the political nonsense, but if people just let go they’ll realize that so much more good will come out of it then the predicted bad, which so far I haven’t seen happen.

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