A podcast with the InformationWeek “Power Trio” discussing New Media

Publishing InformationWeek or any major publication has to be a daunting task. But as more and more companies begin to think of themselves as publishers, you should be watching what the major publishers are doing with new media.

That’s why I assembled a team I call the InformationWeek “Power Trio,” who could help me (and you) understand the challenges new media poses and how to get the most out of it…

A podcast with the InformationWeek Power Trio discussing New Media

Who is the InformationWeek “Power Trio”?

Bob Evans is senior vice president and editorial director for CMP’s Business Technology Group, which includes InformationWeek, TechWeb, Interop, Web 2.0 Expo, Black Hat, and other online and face-to-face products. He is responsible for content strategy and execution across the group’s event, online, and print platforms. Evans was editor-in-chief of InformationWeek until 2005. During his tenure, InformationWeek became the undisputed leader in the business-technology field in revenue, readership, circulation, market share, and market authority. He is an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University and is a frequent speaker at industry events and on college campuses.

Stephen Wellman is editorial director of E-mail Newsletters for the TechWeb Network of CMP Technology. In addition, he serves as editor of Over The Air, InformationWeek’s blog dedicated to business mobility and wireless technology. Wellman also serves as editor-in-chief for Grok on Google, the only email newsletter that chronicles the Web’s leading agent of change. He is a well-known journalist, industry analyst, and editor with extensive experience in email newsletters and other forms of online content.

Tom Smith is editor in chief of the TechWeb Network. He oversees content strategy and traffic-driving initiatives for broad IT sites including InformationWeek.com and Networkcomputing.com, as well as more topically focused sites including Intelligent Enterprise and Dark Reading. Under his leadership, key sites in the network have posted double digit traffic growth for several years running, and the network’s blogging strategy has expanded dramatically. He has launched numerous new products in the network and has a particular interest in the ways online publishing affords a more interactive relationship with readers. He previously worked for a number of weekly and daily newspapers inside and outside the technology industry.

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