Is your brand floating in a Sea of Sameness?

Quite frankly, many brands are. So don’t be surprised to discover the answer is yes.

Forget technology for just a moment. Look at really basic consumer things like pizza shops, ice cream shops or even grocery stores. How’s that for a sea of sameness?

You could argue that pizza shops, ice cream shops and grocers are all kept alive by local patrons who go there for convenience. But you need to look one level down. Grocers like Whole Foods or Trader Joes operate very different models. One basks in the high end, while the other corners the low end. Same industry, yes – but a completely different model!

So what does this mean for technology companies? While we all live in the same industry, certain areas continue to subdivide.

Take search technology. Compare Google with Blinkxx and Spock. We all know what Google does. Blinkxx is the Google of video. And Spock is the Google of people!

Some marketing and advertising executives may think we live in a sea of sameness. But I believe when you get down to the field level of the brand, the waters can be completely different.

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