Reputation Management for New Media Survey – How ready are you?

One of my goals this year was to do a study on reputation management. As we all factor in the effects of new media on our brands, I felt this was a topic with long-lasting appeal to every marketer.

My hypothesis going into the creation of these questions was that B2B marketers (including yours truly) just aren’t adequately prepared for an online reputation crisis. Dell wasn’t, Wal-Mart wasn’t. If those big B2C brands weren’t ready, I was betting we weren’t ready either. And I was right!

To be totally transparent with you, I wasn’t surprised by many of the responses to my survey. The bulk of you are monitoring your reputation in some way, shape or form. But are you poised to respond in the case of an online reputation crisis? 55% admitted you weren’t.

Perhaps you need stronger guidelines in place, like a blogging policy. Two-thirds of respondents don’t have one!

Many of you are do-it-yourselfers when it comes to monitoring your reputation. Is that perhaps because your company hasn’t made this a strategic priority? 53% admitted it wasn’t a strategic priority for you – yet!

My goal here is to give you the state of the union when it comes to monitoring reputations online. This data is bound to change, so I hope I get you thinking of ways to close the gap with your organization’s reputation!

Click here to download the free research report

Special thanks to my sponsors –, run by the renowned Andy Beal of the blog, and Marketing Profs’ equally renowned Ann Handley for their support on this survey.

13 comments to Reputation Management for New Media Survey – How ready are you?

  • Dan Neely

    Paul, I love this topic. In reputation management, brands need to make sure they are not listening to the loudest person in the room. Reputation engagement is an approach that companies should take i.e. understanding who is positively and negatively engaging with the brand rather than understanding those that are simply talking/shouting about the brand.
    With the volume of user generated content being created on the web, reputation management can turn into reputation mismanagement as companies focus on the wrong constituents i.e. the shouters.

  • Paul Dunay

    Thanks for the comment Dan

    one of the things I think we all have to keep in mind about the volume of UGC is – when does it surpass/overtake marketers and how soon do we become “white noise”?

    I think that calls for marketers to have really clear and simple messages since the time given to any individual message is shrinking

  • RichardatDELL

    Hi Paul

    wow what an interesting survey and very interesting findings. I was a bit surprised by them.

    By the way, Dell is first and foremost in the b2b space (80%+ of our revenue) although the B2C space often has more “exposure” and the two are obviously linked.

  • Paul Dunay


    that is a big compliment coming from you – thank you

    I didnt know you guys were that big in B2B

  • Zoe Marmara

    Mr Dunai,

    I’ve read your Reputation Management for New Media Survey with great satisfaction. That’s how I was introduced to LinkedIn in the first place. Your comments were enlightening 🙂 Thank you.

  • Jaamit

    Thanks for a very insightful study. The one major thing missing is a disclosure of who you asked and how big the sample size was. It kind of undermines the validity of the entire report!

  • Jeff Smith of Brand Titan

    I think that too many companies overlook the importance of strengthening their already positive reputations against future threats.

    While today you may have the first two pages in search results filled with praise, what happens when a dissatisfied customers happens to be a powerblogger with a very strong (search engine wise) blog that can outrank the majority of that positive content?

    Had you been proactive with link development campaigns or creating even stronger, more optimized content to fill the top spots you can effectively lock-out negative content from surfacing.

    We simply call it reputation protection at Brand Titan.

  • SBL – Video Tagging

    Great work…
    Outstanding presentation…..
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  • Timeea

    Hi, Paul!

    Interesting survey. I have one question: why do companies need to focus also on blog policies, taking in consideration that 99% of the employees sign a contract which includes also a confidentiality or privacy clause/act?

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Timeea – WOW what a great question … the answer is … Common sense is not that common!

    I totally agree with the underpinnings of your question but the fact is sometimes people need to be reminded – in writing.

    In my new role at Avaya I helped to re-write the guidelines and resent them to the 73 people we have in SM Marketing.

    Now with the new FTC (full disclosure) rules things might become a bit more sticky and more people may need to be reminded

  • Timeea

    Thank you for answering, Paul! I agree with you, some stuff must be made even more clear and constantly reminded…in WRITING 😀 Your posts are very interesting, I will continue to follow your blog.

  • […] to 50 of them this year about this issue) but I don’t think they are ready for a crisis. I did a Reputation study on this topic two years ago and it proved how many companies lack the infrastructure then – we have come a long way since but […]

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