Should you fire your brand manager?

I heard an interesting statistic from Larry Weber on a recent B2B Marketing webcast. He said “12 months ago the leading media outlets were traditional (CNN, BBC). Now, 5 of the top 10 are blogs!”

Why should you care? We are entering an age where the consumer will be your brand manager. Any complaints a customer may have will play out in the blogosphere long after the media cover it, and most likely until the customer gets total satisfaction.

I would suggest that the brand manager of the future will need to be a very different type of beast. Gone are the days of the “brand cop” pulling you over for “collateral violations.” Brand managers need to become open, collaborative and sensitive to your external customer. They must learn how to interface with customers as the wave of social media washes over us.

Where’s the Buzz here? We may be forgetting brand management as we rush to try out new social media tools. Why not get them involved in your experiments with social media now?

2 comments to Should you fire your brand manager?

  • Joan Damico

    Excellent point, Paul. It seems as though many B2B marketers are hanging on to traditional media.

    Some fear that a bad social marketing/blogging initiative will do more brand harm than good. And others still don’t think that blogs have evolved passed the days of “Dear Blog, Here is what I did today.”

    In this case, you can’t sit idle or you run the risk of becoming an unwitting participant. Even if a company doesn’t blog, for whatever reason, they still need to have a strategy for handling blogs and social marketing in their communications plan.

  • Paul Dunay

    Joan – you are spot on. Tackling new media should not be a one person quest. As you know an Integrated approach is the best way to go.

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