IBM embraces Second Life

Until recently, Second Life had mostly been a playground for individuals who enjoy exploring, communing with like minds, and setting up virtual mom-and-pop businesses.

However, in the last few months, all sorts of established companies have been planting their virtual flags. They’re marketing their goods and hoping to sprinkle coolness on their brands by testing a new kind of online meeting place. All told about 40 corporations have established themselves on Second Life, which has gone from zero members to 1.2 million in just three years. Among them are Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Reebok, Starwood Hotels & Resorts (see my prior blog entry on their experiment in Second Life), and Reuters, which assigned a reporter full-time to hang out and chronicle the goings-on.

So where is the Buzz? – This isn’t all fun and games anymore. IBM foresees a sizable business in providing the software, hardware and consulting services in advising clients on how to take advantage of this virtual world. What’s your Second Life like?

2 comments to IBM embraces Second Life

  • Anonymous

    im a developer in SL. its taught me everything about 3D design i have ever known. i have gone from being a recreational user to making my career here. i have gone from building little things for residents like animations and furniture to building multi sim developments for large companies.

    i wonder sometimes if i should just be plugged into a pod like in the movie “the matrix” where i can spend the rest of my days building the world around me.

  • Paul Dunay

    Very cool Shukran, do you have any advice for how marketers should be using SL?

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