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It is estimated that 70% of Google’s searches result in click-throughs to search listings provided by “natural” search results. And Yahoo’s and MSN’s natural search results are thought to be responsible for 60% of their search click-throughs.

Despite this fact – a recent survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan shows only 27% of Fortune 1000 customers currently use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This indicates that an early mover advantage if not first mover advantage can be gained in some search terms by proper a SEO program.

Moreover, Frost & Sullivan also detailed 33% of the survey respondents listed Brand Identity as their #1 goal of their SEO program. Followed by pure marketing efforts at 25%, lead generation efforts at 21% and outright sales at 12%.

What should Buzz Marketers do? – Design a comprehensive SEO program that consists of 3 stages: Stage 1 – Optimize all main brand pages, Stage 2 – Optimize all sub brand pages, and Stage 3 – re-evaluate your business processes to integrate SEO from the beginning of the content creation cycle not as an afterthought.

4 comments to Take another look at SEO

  • mike

    Should also develop a content production schedule to update the content with search relevant info. This will improve SEO positioning.


  • Paul Dunay

    Great point Mike — baking your SEO into your content production schedule!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Paul, great to see you found our research on SEO. Integrating SEO into the content creation processes definitely allows one to maximize value from an SEO program. In this scenario SEO provides discipline to the marketing, ensuring that content is meaningful to the intended end user. SEO could potentially even be used in ‘higher’ level marketing processes, helping to ensure that things such as brand messaging resonate.

    This increased integration of SEO into higher level, core marketing processes will require greater integration of SEO people into the core of marketing departments. Some companies have started down this path.

    Check out Frost & Sullivan’s ebroadcast and white paper on SEO at http://ebroadcast.frost.com/seo

  • Paul Dunay

    Luke thanks for pointing this out — the Frost and Sullivan research was very comprehensive. For the readers — I highly recommend the webinar Luke has in his comment.

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