Online Marketing Dominates B2B Lead Generation

Direct Impact Marketing recently conducted a survey of B2B marketers on lead generation tools. When voting for their favorite best-of-breed B2B lead generation tool, 65% of those surveyed nominated email, blogging and web analytics tools as their top 3!

Those surveyed reported that although these tools were nominated based on affordability and user-friendliness, B2B marketers were deploying these tools strategically to fill a gap in marketing capabilities.

The satisfaction level with all types of tools was high — only 15% of marketers indicated that a change of tool was planned; all the more interesting given the low barriers to switching tools.

Adoption was also high within respondents’ organizations —the majority of marketing staff have already adopted the tools or widespread deployment is about to occur.

B2B marketers indicated disparate and uneven sources of awareness about these tools, ranging from word-of-mouth, to online media like e-zines, search engine results and email marketing.

Buzz Marketers should check out for more information and a list of tools nominated by users of the tools and ranked according to the number of votes posted by B2B marketers responding to the LeadGen Tools Survey.

2 comments to Online Marketing Dominates B2B Lead Generation

  • Salil

    Ya true, for our international b2b portal am getting the 80% of traffic from search engines. The search engines are giving importance for these new generation tools.

  • Colin

    Web analytics are not intended for B2B lead generation. They are mainly used for B2C, where there are groups due to the large quantities of visitors.
    For B2b specific services are required: the company name should be revealed in order to be able to call or email.
    Further visitor qualification is required, this can be based upon:
    – pages visited
    – time on pages
    – returning visits
    – search terms used.
    The vsitor can be qualified into lead, and the sales rep. can start taking action: calling or emailing the company.
    An example: LEADSExplorer

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