Social Media is not a campaign it’s a commitment!

A while back I created a post called – There is no “campaign” in Social Media because when marketers use the word “campaign,” it tends to suggest an initiative to get a message out to a targeted group of constituents. It also implies there will be a beginning and, somewhere down the road, an ending.

And I still believe that is the case …

And despite a number of comments I got about that post both positive and negative – I think I stopped short of really nailing the issue which is – social media is more than a campaign it a commitment!

Its a commitment to your organization to be more open and transparent, its a commitment to your customer to listen and respond, its a commitment to your community to always be there when you need them, its a commitment to be open to developing new products and services that take input from your community,  its a commitment to take the high road when issues arise (as they always do) and most of all its a commitment that tells everyone in your company that this is the way things are going to be and we are going to be part of this – good bad or indifferent.

15 comments to Social Media is not a campaign it’s a commitment!

  • Hey Paul, I absolutely agree with you. Social media requires engagement, transparency, open dialogue and collaboration. It is a philosophy, not just a campaign.

  • @ Susana – YES exactly – thanks for commenting!

  • Paul, couldn’t agree more with the commitment bit. One of the biggest challenges we face when we talk about social media with our clients is to convince them that this is not a one-off thing, which can be “ticked off” in a list of quarterly or annual initiatives/campaigns. To get them to see it as a commitment is usually difficult when their performance and budgets are reviewed based on quarterly “metrics”. The commitment has to come from the top, and yet (and we are talking multi-billion dollar corporates) resource commitments are spare, until they see it as the new (and better?) way of doing things.

  • @Asuthosh – Agreed – its always good to get in a “quick win” so you can declare victory too – at Avaya we had a tweet come in that we won a 250K engagement off of in the first few months of the program which go attention from the Top as well as the great support we were able to provide clients and partners out there supporting our products!

  • I would also argue that social media is not actually ‘media’ at all, and that this mistaken definition is the biggest cause of confusion in the marketing industry.

  • @Jonny – ok fair enough – then perhaps it is just a commitment to be more Social!

  • Paul, I agree a company needs to make a commmitment to using social media, but I think we sell its power short if we don’t find ways to incorporate social tactics into marketing campaigns. I’ve written about my own experiences on my blog: I managed a full blown implementation of a social media strategy, but also used individual tools – streaming video, etc. – in campaigns when appropriate. The pieces were produced were specific to the campaign, but I made sure they would hold up after the campaign came to a close.

  • @Mark – Fair point – I like what you wrote about mixing traditional and social for a more powerful combination on your blog. I think we have to think integrated now a days – we cant afford to have any leakage in our processes and as you say creating content with an eye toward a long shelf life is a great idea. Thanks for commenting Mark!

  • Zach Philip

    i agree, its a long term commitment! and for those who agree, help is right here

  • yes, and social media is also equally important for internet marketing!

  • @Zach – thanks for the comment and the link – good luck with your book

  • It is absolutely a long-term commitment! I just started a Twitter account… I love it, but it is a commitment. Same with blogging of course. I have seen tremendous value in keeping at it and publishing relevant content.

  • @Brooke – great to hear you started a new Twitter feed and you have been keeping up with your blog – don’t forget the key in keeping up these accounts is consistentcy!

  • […] media are not a useful channel for campaigns in the first place.  Social media are a space for continuous communication, not short, sharp […]

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