Was Harry Houdini a Buzz Marketer??

Well check out this story I found in one of my 7-year-old son’s books …

Houdini came up with a terrific Buzz way to promote his act in the early years of his fascinating career. Whenever he and his wife Bess arrived in a new town, Harry would pay a visit to the local police station. “I am Harry Houdini, King of Handcuffs,” he would announce. “Lock me up, tie me up, put any and all of your handcuffs on me, and I guarantee you I will escape in no time at all.”

The police usually laughed at him and figured that since he was a magician, he must use trick handcuffs. After all, nobody could escape from real handcuffs. They were so sure of this that they let Harry bring in reporters from the local paper to watch. The police would search Harry for tools and then cuff him, usually with a few pair of shackles around the ankles and hands, then lock him up in one of their jail cells.

Imagine their surprise a couple of minutes later when Harry would walk in holding the cuffs in his hands. Sometimes he was able to free himself in just one minute!

The police and news reporters were amazed, and they spread word of Harry’s feats in print and by word of mouth. People from miles around wanted to see the magician who could trick their own policemen!

Can you be like Houdini? Can you leverage the magic of a guarantee that your technology will help companies compete and succeed? If you can, that’s some serious Buzz!

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