A new social media tool: Skypecasts!

Web phone-calling company Skype (now part of eBay) is bringing online social networking to the masses. It’s unveiling a service that allows groups of up to 100 people to hold spontaneous conversations online.

The international calling service, which has signed up 100 million users and is adding 200,000 more a day, said it is previewing a shared communications service called “Skypecasts,” along with an upgrade of its core Skype software.

Skypecasts are live, moderated discussions that allow groups of Skype users anywhere in the world to discuss shared interests. The discussion can be moderated by a designated host, who passes a virtual microphone to participants in the group when they wish to speak. To keep conversations on track, the moderator has the power to silence or eject detractors.

How will you use Skypecasts? I would love to hear from you …

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