What’s Working in Lead Generation?

As a buzz marketer, how do you choose among the array of lead generation options – PR, word of mouth, interactive marketing, speaking at conferences, publishing thought leadership, conducting seminars, direct mail, and so on? And how do you know which mix will generate the most qualified leads?

A new benchmark report on What’s Working In Lead Generation by RainToday can help you refine your lead generation strategy and choose the tactics that will have the greatest impact on your ability to generate leads. You should also use this report to benchmark yourself against industry best practices, which can help you defend your lead generation plans and budget for the years ahead.

After reading the research cover to cover, I talked with Mike Schultz, publisher of RainToday and principal of the Wellesley Hills Group, about what I felt were some of the key points I took away from my review.

About Mike

Mike Schultz is a principal with the Wellesley Hills Group, a leading firm focused on marketing, sales, and overall revenue growth for professional service businesses. The firm’s clients include the Monitor Group, BEA Systems, the American Management Association, Harvard Business School, and dozens of others. A renowned expert in services marketing, Mike has been featured in more than 100 publications including Inc., Sales and Marketing Management, Black Enterprise, and BusinessWeek. Along with his client and leadership responsibilities at the Wellesley Hills Group, Mike is the founder and publisher of RainToday.com.

7 comments to What’s Working in Lead Generation?

  • Sarah

    I agree…lead generation measurement is a huge initiative that every company needs to master. Far too many firms push leads into the sales channel as fast as possible and pay little attention to measuring the activities after the fact to see what worked and what didn’t. Many B2B marketing organizations don’t pay enough attention to lead quality and measurement.

    Our company is hosting a webinar through the AMA on March 27, 2007 at Noon CT that addresses these issues and we’ll provide solutions to how marketers can easily measure multi-channel marketing campaigns to measure the success of each one.

    Here’s a glimpse of what our upcoming webinar is about:

    “How to Align Marketing Strategy with Sales Execution to Gain Maximum Results”

    In today’s competitive environment, the struggle to attract and retain customers is undeniable. As a result, marketers are expected to take on more accountability throughout the buying cycle so that sales professionals can focus on the best opportunities in order to close sales. By integrating marketing strategy with sales execution and deploying the right tools and techniques, you can ensure your sales and marketing share a common understanding of the lead-to-sales process, helping build a more productive, rather than contentious, relationship between each organization. But what does a truly integrated sales and marketing structure look like and how can your organization take advantage?
    Join our webinar to hear how you can increase your number of qualified leads automatically routed to sales by 100%, and:

    –How marketing can impact sales effectiveness
    –How to collaborate more effectively with sales on planning and execution to improve lead quality and conversion rates
    –How your organization can evolve toward this vision over time
    –The tools necessary for sales and marketing alignment

    Here’s the link to register: http://www.marketingpower.com/webcast350.php

  • Karna

    Very informative. Question for Mike: He says lead nurturing is adding constant value. What about email newsletters? Do they work as updates with new information about what’s important and useful in the industry?

  • Mike

    Yes, newsletters are helpful for lead nurturing. But they’re not the be all end all. They’re just one tactic that can help.

    For example, I am a client of one particular company. I admit it – I don’t read their enewsletter. I know it comes, however, and I know they do a good job with it. It’s a good touch nonetheless.

    When they called or mail, I’d pay attention. Those messages are more powerful than the newsletter.

    In some instances, an enewsletter is necessary – if you don’t have one clients and prospects may wonder why – but it’s almost never sufficient.


  • jonpayne

    Like anything marketing-related, I believe the key is proper segmentation and targeting.

    I am partial to opt-in and other consumer-initiated methods of gathering traffic and leads. SEO and PPC would be my favorites, b/c they are more likely to convert being as they are specifically searching for the service. In fact, I just created a blog about lead generation using SEO. I’d appreciate any constructive feedback you can offer.

  • Paul Dunay

    Thanks Jon

    your blog sounds very interesting, I will be following it going forward

  • mrktg

    Successful seminars for marketing are generally based upon the concept of giving you the power to believe you can. The speakers usually speak from insights and expertise gained from their own life experiences. Self-improvement seminars give the attendees the tools – and the motivation – to succeed.

  • Jeff Ogden

    Great podcast, Paul. Mike's a great guest. His down to earth advice was spot on with everything I've been preaching as well. Focus on them, provide value, etc.


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