Will You Need Blogging Insurance??

U of Maryland journalism dean Thomas Kunkel recently offered a great description of the Internet that applies even better to blogs. Said Kunkel, “The Internet today is like the American West in the 1880s. It’s wild, it’s crazy and everybody’s got a gun,”

Blogging IS the Wild West. There really are no rules yet!

Bloggers bypass common journalistic practices such as verifying facts, seeking both sides of a story and subjecting an article to the scrutiny of editors. One result: Blogs are hard to beat for delivering information fast.

But can that work against you? According to the Media Law Resource Center, 69 lawsuits have been brought against bloggers nationwide, including a $1 million suit filed last year against a blogger who accused his state tourism department of wasting taxpayer money on advertising.

While most cases against bloggers have yet to go to trial, a question hangs large for marketers. Will you need blogging liability insurance?

Where’s the Buzz? – Blogs open a can of worms when it comes to intellectual property and patent rights. What happens if one of your employees gets a little too enthusiastic and inadvertently discloses a company trade secret on his or her blog? Well, your company loses its rights to the IP forever. Any competitor can now legally use your former secret. So be careful out there!

2 comments to Will You Need Blogging Insurance??

  • wolske

    Only 69 lawsuits? That must not include all of Apple’s legal actions against blogs leaking new Apple products in order to generate buzz; oops, I mean, protect their IP.

  • king

    Insurance rate is a factor used to determine the amount, called the premium, to be charged for a certain amount of insurance coverage. Risk management, the practice of appraising and controlling risk, has evolved as a discrete field of study and practice.

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