The future of online advertising: check out the UK

Wanna see the future of mobile phones, check out Japan; wanna see the impact of broadband internet connections, check out South Korea, wanna see the future of online advertising, check out Britain.

Why Britain? In the British online-advertising market the internet accounts for 14% of a companies’ total spend on advertising in Britain, compared with just 5% worldwide.

Expenditure on internet advertising in America is similar to that in Britain, but Britain’s growth rates are just slightly higher. In the first half of this year online advertising increased by 40% in Britain and 37% in America compared with the same period last year, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau.

Where is the Buzz? Eventually, the internet will grow to account for 20% of worldwide advertising spending, at the expense of traditional media (broadcast and cable TV, print, radio and outdoor advertising). But Britain will reach this point by 2009, predicts ZenithOptimedia, a market-research firm, at which point internet advertising will be worth almost as much as television advertising. Looks like Britain has, got a head start over other countries as advertising spending shifts from old to new media.

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