How are clients using Web 2.0 tools, a podcast with Joan Damico

Joan Damico runs a blog called the Integrated Marcom blog and a newsletter called the Integrated Marcom Minute. Her work with her clients spans everything from writing copy to helping them experiment with Web 2.0 tools.

Joan was also one of the first responders to our Web 2.0 tools survey, and her experience with her clients shows that they are aggressively looking for ways to leverage Web 2.0 tools. Pay special attention to the discussion around doing an offline event like (dare I say) a trade show versus launching a blog. Interesting stuff!

How are clients using Web 2.0 tools, a podcast with Joan Damico

About Joan

Joan is an independent copywriter and consultant with over 15 years’ experience in integrated marketing for high tech companies in software, imaging, optics and electronics. She’s worked in a variety of industries — information technologies, plastics, paint & coatings, textile & apparel, graphic arts, automotive and appliance. Her work has appeared in trade journals here and abroad. She is the author of How to Be a Permanent Temp and a contributing author to The Marketing Manager’s Handbook (by R.W. Bly). Her most recent white paper, Podcasting Demystified, helps businesses successfully integrate podcasting and RSS into their marketing campaigns.

Joan has presented copywriting and integrated direct marketing seminars to numerous groups including the American Writers and Artists Institute, PRSA and BMA, and she has taught college-level courses on marketing communications. She’s written Web pages, direct mailers, articles, brochures, presentations, newsletters and other marketing materials to generate sales leads and sell products and services to businesses.

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