The Future of RSS

Even the president of CBS Interactive thinks syndication of content is big. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Interactive president Quincy Smith explained CBS’s smarter-than-most strategy for a distributed media economy. “We can’t expect consumers to come to us,” he said. “It’s arrogant for any media company to assume that.”

“This is the way all media executives should be thinking,” Smith continued. “Go to the people. Don’t make the people come to you. That’s expensive for you and inconvenient for them. It’s just not going to happen, and it’s no way to build a media business model anymore.” This is very relevant for RSS. Notice Google’s acquisition of FeedBurner. They clearly see it too.

The idea here is that RSS is not just a cute way of delivering blog information and getting podcasts onto iTunes. It’s the future delivery model for all content. Throw Ajax into the mix, and you have a recipe for having movable “windows” of content fed into any site.

Now that’s a big idea! And that’s what Google saw when it bought FeedBurner.

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