iPods are more popular than beer!

Despite what mom may think, college life isn’t just about drinking beer anymore. In an exceptional Buzz instance, the iconic iPod music player has surpassed beer drinking as the most “in” thing among undergraduate college students, according to the latest biannual market research study by Ridgewood, N.J.-based Student Monitor.

Nearly three quarters (73 percent) of 1,200 students surveyed said iPods were “in” — more than any other item in a list that, along with beer, included text messaging, bar hopping and downloading music.

According to Eric Weil, a managing partner at Student Monitor, in the 18 years of the survey, the only previous time beer was temporarily dethroned was in 1997 — by the Internet. (Special thanks again to Al Gore for inventing the ‘net).

Latest stats in Business Week 6/10 say there are 70 Million ipods which is more than the number PDA and Blackberrys combined! Kids know where to find a Buzz – so don’t overlook podcasting in your integrated marketing strategy!!

2 comments to iPods are more popular than beer!

  • Provident Partners

    Ok so if they are more popular than beer why all the anti-talk about podcasting? At least from Forrester.

    Now did you see the latest survey from
    Universal McCann/Knowledge Strom citing 60% of the more than 4000 respondents would like to hear white paper information in audio format.

    I’m more a fan of IT Conversations with it’s straight forward presentations or interviews conducted by Doug Kaye

    What’s your view on podcast length? The survey respondents said length doesn’t matter if the content is good, sure so is 20 years of marriage, but every minute of can’t sparkle.

    More over, as we discussed before podcasting is first about reaching a quality audience interested in my stuff, then about getting to more of them. I think some people have it backwards, get me more listeners regardless of their disposition.

  • Paul Dunay

    I tend to use the podcast as a “teaser” so the lenght to me is important. I recommend 5-7 min tops.

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