Lenovo goes for a viral Buzz!

The Lenovo Group is trying something that would have been completely out of character for staid IBM: viral marketing.

Lenovo created a spoof Web site, The Lenovo Tapes (www.lenovo-tapes.com), which pretends to let viewers in on some super-advanced technologies being tested by the company. The site’s anonymous producer has supposedly received some purloined videotapes revealing the secret research. Once viewers click through to the tapes, the joke is apparent. One clip shows a Lenovo notebook computer being dropped by a test-robot, then defying gravity before gliding to an absurdly soft landing (my favorite). Another shows a lab technician leaving his post and being replaced by a holographic twin.

The videos were shot in Geneva, where their creators apparently had to scramble to find an Asian man to play the lab technician. (A game Chinese investment banker was pressed into service.) Since it appeared a few weeks ago, the site has had more than 3 million visitors.

This is a nice example of a way to change perceptions of your brand. Think about how to tie this concept in with a rich media banner (or bannercast) to get some serious Buzz cheaply!!

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