Micro Targeting your Online Media

Let’s say you’re an auto insurance company. You want to target micro-segments where people think about buying auto insurance. We know that people buy auto insurance when they buy a car. But where else can we find people who intend to purchase insurance?

Using social data, we have discovered that people tend to think about auto insurance when their kids are going to prom. They think about it then because they’re worried about whether they have enough insurance. A risk mitigation scenario is taking place that you can target with your media plan.

Another “decision intersection” might be when men have had a mid-life crisis and they’ve just bought a big, fast car. If you can learn where those men congregate in the social media arena and how you can place your media in those areas, you can improve the efficiency of your media buys. To answer that, you need to discover where men go to have those conversations and then place your media there. And that media could be in the form of an advertisement or in the form of paid content.

By using social data analysis, including topic discovery, you’re likely to have a much more efficient media plan.

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