New Study on Social Media, a podcast with George Krautzel from ITtoolbox

The most informed buyer is one who can access the experienced-based knowledge of his or her peers. That’s the message of my podcast with George Krautzel, co-founder and president of ITtoolbox. George and his team have just released a new survey on the adoption of social media in cooperation with PJA Advertising and Marketing.

Some of the results might surprise you:

– IT decision makers spend on average 3.5 hours per week consuming or participating in social media.
– IT decision makers reference vendor websites more than user-generated content for making purchasing decisions, but trust user-generated content more than either vendor websites or editorial publications.

This is fantastic news. To hear more just listen to our podcast…

New Study on Social Media, a podcast with George Krautzel from ITtoolbox

About George

As co-founder and president of ITtoolbox, George Krautzel guides the company’s execution, overseeing daily operations, directing companywide implementations, and ensuring long-term business growth. Under his leadership, ITtoolbox has continually advanced its network services to meet the needs of both its expanding user base and its impressive list of advertising and staffing partners.

George directed the implementation of proprietary utilities such as a contextual matching engine and keyword ad targeting to help advertising partners realize the benefits of the significant volume of community-generated IT content at ITtoolbox. Prior to his experience with ITtoolbox, he held various roles at Accenture and co-founded an IT consulting company. He received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Villanova University.

Copy of the Survey

Whitepaper on the benefits of advertising in social media

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