Using RSS and Wikis for Enterprise Collaboration

Eastern Mountain Sports is using Web 2.0 tools to encourage collaboration internally by rooting it within their business intelligence (BI) analytics dashboards. They use the RSS feeds to report on exceptions and alert users when certain operational metrics are out of tolerance range.

By integrating Web 2.0 tools with their BI tools, decision makers can quickly access a unified, high-level view of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, inventory, and margin levels, and drill down to granular detail that analyzes specific transactions.

The company also plans to create a wiki that will let the internal user community test and refine hypotheses. In particular, they want their associates to share tips and best practices and initiate dialogues. If certain items sell better than others, the associates should be able to analyze the transaction characteristics and selling behaviors that produce the results, and then use the collaborative tools to extend that insight throughout the organization.

So where is the Buzz? Web 2.0 tools are popping up in a variety of places, and this an excellent example of how they’re being used within the enterprise to speed the right information to the right parties. As marketers we are looking to build communities using tools just like this, so let’s not forget our own internal communities (like the sales team, hello). As you know, the quickest path to new revenue is very often through your existing customers.

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